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Music Services

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Vocals, Guitars, and other Instruments

T has sung and played on many records, demos, and commercials, and can be hired for any of these services.  As a lead vocalist, she has a warm and unique sound, and as a background vocalist, she creates a beautiful blend. She can also create and record intricate arrangements for backing vocal tracks.  Also, please keep in mind that T has access to a vast array of incredible, world-class singers and musicians, in case a different “sound” is needed.



This is usually a longer process than a day in the studio, and therefore parameters need to be discussed before work can begin.  Please use the contact form to start the conversation.

In the meantime, here are a couple of songs that T has produced:

bkgds song doctoring

Song Doctoring

T has had a long career as a professional songwriter, and can help you if you’re stuck on a melody or lyric idea, or just need that extra “something” that takes a song and makes it a hit.  This service is paid on an hourly basis, much like a piano or voice lesson would be, and the rights and ownership of your song remains entirely yours.